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Hi all,

Thought I would go to the source here. I am having a heckuva time finding CV OR nurses to fill our openings (we have three). Any leads that you could offer would be great. We have advertised in AORN, contacted former employees asking them back, asked for referrals from current employees, hired someone to source for us. This has generated some activity but not enough yet. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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Travelers? Where you at?

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Where are ya'll located??? Send me a PM

We are in Denver. Not sure how to PM you..

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Maybe the hospital is not paying enough? Does the hospital have a bad reputation?

Actually, we have a very good reputation. I hear this consistently from candidates and new hires. Primarily we pay at market. In a specialty area such as this we pay as much as internal equity allows. One thing I heard yesterday about Denver in general is that the city pays less than many other metro areas around the country ( and more than some, of course).

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Is it a new heart progam? New CV doc? Why are there 3 openings? Are you looking for circulators or RN's that scrub?

On our team all but 2 of us scrub, of course some of the RN's scrub better than others, our CST's are really the backbone of the scrub side. We have 3 heart team members assigned to each heart room per day and 3 on heart call at all times. We average 15 days of call in a six week period. Our base pay is increased 7% for being on the heart team. Our heart guys do all cardio/thoracic/vascular cases.

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