Need help Choosing


I have been a RN for a 1 1/2 yr. and just finished my BSN. I have recently relocated to a new state and can not decide which job would be better for me in the long run. I need help choosing between.


2. Med-Surg

3. A TOMS Tripod Unit (Telemetry,Oncology, and Med-Sug) mixed unit

Any advice?


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I would go with the mixed unit for the best experience. I've worked in LTAC and while it is good experience, they are usually separate facilities from hospitals which means little opportunity for career growth and inability to change units/departments for a better fit.

Thank you for your reply. I ultimately would like to work in CVICU (Cardiovascular ICU) so would the LTAC suit this goal better?



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It probably would, however I have run into the problem of only getting a response from other LTACs or rehab/LTC when I apply for jobs. My ICU applications were rejected instantly. I think it's because the recruiters/HR don't know what LTAC is (despite my bulleted competencies in vents, IV drips, etc) and they just see "long term care". ICU nurses and managers that I've spoken to of course are familiar with LTACs because they send their patients there. But I haven't been able to get past HR for anything but LTC and med-surg with my LTAC experience.

However the experience in LTAC is probably best for cardiac ICU... most patients on tele, vents, etc. You will get to do drips sometimes and lots of code experience. I think it all depends on your area and how familiar people are with LTAC to really appreciate your experience.

I totally understand this is stupid because LTAC nurses are highly trained and clinically competent. I worked at an LTAC as an CNA and I loved it, the charge RN came from ICU. Also because I know my goals are CVICU I think an LTAC will prepare me for this, I just don't understand why recruiters don't read the resumes for the best candidate based on education and experience (vent,drips etc). LTAC nurses have the experience!!!