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Need help Choosing a job


Hi, guys, my story is a little different with jobs. I am basically a new grad(had one job with developmentally challenged for about 1 mth, that I quit due to better offers), I have my ADN and I am enrolled in a RN-BSN. Now I have back issues-pain, chronic ankle tendonitis, and knee issues on the same side.I guess my ankle hurts the most but I'm worried about my back in the hospital. I will be doing PT and my doctors said they thought it was ok to work in a hospital. Besides that-here's the other advice I need-I have two offers-one in a hospital 45 minutes from me that treats acute end of life care-hospital experience nonetheless. 30 hrs week-I have to pay toll and gas. 7.5 hr shifts(which is so much better for all my issues). I have another offer in assisted living-15 min from my house-good pay.It pays less hourly than the hospital but there is the possibility of working 40 hrs-which means it would end up actually coming out to more than the hospital due to gas and the fact it's more hours. These patients are ambulatory-no real hands on nursing. I have no experience in the hospital which I need, but I am afraid with these medical issues and I don't know if it's worth it at this time. However, I'm an ADN-got the day shift, and I'm a new grad. This is a great opportunity. Advice please?

I work in a hospital and don't have any chronic health issues and I can tell you at the end of a busy shift my body hurts, bad. Mostly its my knees and back from power walking all night and very little sitting.

I would opt for taking it easy on your body until your health issues are more under control.

Just my two cents.

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Oddly enough, LTCs in my neck of the woods are more attuned to preventing musculo-skeletal injuries than hospitals are. Some of them have strictly enforced "no manual lift" policies - staff must use mechanical lift devices at all times.

Avoiding 12 hour shifts would be wise for OP. Those long hours would be grueling (and potentially damaging) to joints that are already stressed.