Need help choosing between job offers in Dallas: Baylor or Medical Center of Plano

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I have been offered two similar positions at either Baylor Carrollton, or Medical Center of Plano (HCA). I have heard differing opinions on both, and hoped maybe someone has worked at either to give me better insight.

I'm having trouble deciding, as MCP is closer to home, had a great interview with great people, and think I may get the initial support I need for a very tough unit. They have a nurse educator on the floor, and understand my past experience.

I had a nice but brief interview at Baylor, with not much time to discuss extra aspects, such as me having not worked on the floor for several years, and being a relatively new nurse to boot. I think parking at MCP and a long walk to the unit will negate any benefit of it being appx. 10 min closer to my house than Baylor. Baylor is also offering more per hour, and def. has better shifts dif's.

I'm truly torn, and have been hearing some glowing reports on Baylor's rep, but some not so hot as well. Heard some unpleasant reports on HCA, some specific but unrelated dept's to mine, at Medical Center of Plano. Both positions will help me grow a lot.

I know ultimately this decision is mine to make, buy any insight is greatly appreciated!



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Go with your gut. It sounds like you had a better overall experience interviewing at MCP, and left with a good feeling. There's nothing worse then getting thrown out on the unit when your new, so I would go with the job that I feel will help me learn and grow.

I personally have left a Texas Health HEB for a job at Baylor, because its "Baylor" and I felt I needed to seize the opportunity! It was not what I expected at all, and 9 months later I was back at a different Texas Health hospital and happy as can be.

If I were you, I would write out the pro's and con's of each job and go from there :) Good Luck!!


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Thank you PD!! I am still having trouble deciding-I did take your advice and make the pro's/con's list, and they are kind of evened out!

I think if it weren't for the better pay and potentially lower patient ratio's at Baylor, I wouldn't have to think about it, and would choose MCP. Good to know Baylor wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Still praying I make the right decision, as I pretty much need to decide today. Thanks again!

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I would advise you negotiate the salary you want before accepting a position.

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