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I would like to reapply for CGFNS. I down load form already but I have a question. Form page 7of 10 (Request For Validation Of Registration/ License For Certification Program) this page do I have to send to my university where I graduated? Or can I do notary public?

Please tell me, I have to do it fast because I would like test in March 2004.

Thak you for your help


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You will have to send it to your Registering in the UK it is the NMC...they will have to sign it/emboss seal it...there is usually a small cost to this too!


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Whatever you do that deals with CGFNS, be sure to make copies for youself, and always, always as a minimum, mail it certified with return receipt. They have a nasty habit of not getting anything people send to them, unless they have to sign for it, which means you then have tangible proof that the documents were sent and delivered to them.

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You will not be able to test in March, CGFNS had to have all documents received several weeks ago for the March exam.

Verification must come directly from your nursing board. You can have them put it in a sealed envelope then give to you to mail. That is acceptable. I would not recommend using the regular mail service, even if Air Mail, but would recommend a courier service, such as Airborne Express, DHL, UPS, Federal Express. They should receive your papers then in about 2-3 days, depending on the country where it is originating.

Good luck

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