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Anyone can help me out? give me some advices?

I am going to take Nclex in the next 2month in CA, i know that CA won't issue me a licence until i get a SSN,

:my husband is a US green card holder at the moment and he will be getting us citizenship about MAY2010,and then he will be able to sponsor me greencard,hopefully i can get it in about 6months periodafter that.

my options are :1:get the greencard and SSN ,then do endorsement to NY(as my husband works in NY now) do i have to do the CVS (CGFNS) with endorsement in NY still?( as i studied nursing out of US)

Option 2:apply for licence by exam in NY BON, but use the NCLEX pass letter from CA(as i have already been through the application process for 2years in CA) and then get the licence in NY and apply for E3 visa(AS i am an Australia citizenship)

i don't know which way is best for me? which way is the quickest?

anyone has any experiences or ideas? would be appreciate for your help!

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CVS is required by all foreign trained nurses regardless if initial application or endorsement. If you have already applied to CA I would carry on and sit NCLEX and hopefully pass. Once you have results apply to NY BON and arrange with Ca to forward your results to NY.

For E3 visa you also need to apply for a VSC however if you wait for your husband to get his citizenship then you do not require it. Not sure on time frame for issuing of E3 visa once you have found a employer so may want to look for posts by Ghillbert as they have gone through the E3 process. Not sure if that will be any quicker than waiting for GC through your husband once he gets citizenship


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Are you allowed to sit in the NCLEX exam without SSN? Did CA BON process without SSN?

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You can apply for Ca although we do not recommend it and you do not need a SSN however you do need a SSN to be issued a license and if Ca do not receive one within 3 years and you haven't applied for a extension then they will destroy your file which includes NCLEX results

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