Need Help!! Brightwood (Kaplan) or Concorde


Hi, I was wondering is there really a difference between Associates degree in Nursing or Associates of Applied science nursing, does one look better than the other for jobs? Also, I am either going to go for the program (ADN) for Kaplan in San Diego or the program (AAS) for Concorde in Memphis, not sure which one wanting some input/advice/insight on either or if one is a tad bit better than the other?

Thank you in advance for replying!

Buyer beware, BSN

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Please stay away from for-profit schools.

They have low graduation, retention and gainful employment rates. Look-up these loan mills at Do an internet search, talk to former and previous students. These things they won't tell you as they are all about the sell. This is a spider to the fly situation. Be careful when selecting a school and walk away if they make you sign an arbitration agreement as a condition of enrollment. This is a major red light. They should stand behind their product without asking you to give up your right to sue them if they don't live up to their promises. Find any other way to get a nursing education. The for-profits have a track record of ruining lives and leaving people in incredible debt without a degree.

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Buyer Beware is 100% correct and you should heed the advice. But to answer your question: the two degrees both lead to NCLEX- so the difference is semantics.


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I would also stay away from United States University (USU). That school has low NCLEX pass rates and doesn't take care of their students. 1000% for profit school.

Stay away from this place like the plague.