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Need help ASAP!

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Hello all,

i am am currently going into my senior year for an exercise science undergraduate. I was originally going to do PT school, however I feel like Cardiac Rehab is calling me.

There are many ways I can go about this, and I was wondering if any of you could give insight since you may be on this inside of all of this.

Should I just go straight to nursing school or should I get my masters in clinical exercise physiology first and then get an associates in nursing? Or.... Should I just do an accelerated BSN program to combine with my exercise science undergrad? Or... Should I attempt a direct entry MSN program?

What im looking to hear is any and all advice on what is really needed to become a Cardiac Rehab "person".

Thank you all for your time and can't wait to hear some responses!

What kinds of professions are on the cardiac rehab teams in your area? Where I am, the teams are frequently made up of several of exercise leaders/supervisors, physicians, a dietician, a lab tech, a nurse practitioner, social worker but seldom a RN.

@dishes nurses with a BSN or higher and exercise physiologists for the most part. I think more what I'm saying is: is the masters in ex Phys worth it, it will I make the same amount in cardiac rehab without it and just a BSN

We are nurses, not academic advisors. You need to ask your counselor the best way to achieve your new goal.

Best of luck:up:


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