need help asap re: CCP

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hey so I recently applied to ccp (community college of philadelphia) to pursue my AAS

can some one tell me about the placement test? which topics are covered? and what will my first years courses be like. Someone told me that there is a waiting list for the nurses program but I cant see why there would be. any and all information will be sooooo helpful and I also applied to start this fall :)

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You can't see why there would be a waiting list? Really? If you haven't taken the placement test yet, you're probably not starting this fall. Those students have likely already been selected. Are you done with your prerequisites?

And every question you have can be answered by the school- they are the only ones with the straight facts.

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2 years of school to make over 50k a year? There were 550 applicants for 90 positions at the school I attended.

The placement test was reading comprehension (some vocabulary type questions, read a paragraph answer some questions about it) and math (basic algebra, fractions, some geometry) from what I recall. I'm not sure if it has changed; I took the test 5 Year's ago when it was called the allied health test or something like that.

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