Need some help in applying to the nursing program.



i recently graduated from stony brook with a computer science degree and i decided to do a career change since it wasn't for me. ive been taking some of the prerequisite such as a&p 1 and 2 , psychology, and statistics. i received as in all my classes but soon i will need to decided where to apply for the nursing program.

i want to apply for suffolk community college, stony brook university, nassau community college, and nyu. my plan is to try to get an associates or bachelor degree in 2 years or less.

here is the problem graduate gpa is a 2.4 from stony brook so i was wondering if this will effect my chances in getting accepted to any of these schools even though i got as in my prerequisite course?

also nyu requires more classes such as nutrition & health and i don't think suffolk offers any of those classes. so is it ok to still apply to nyu and say only have 5 out of the 6 preqres complete?

i know trying to get into the nursing program is really hard and i want to enter the nursing program and finish it within 2 years.

any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks


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I don't know about the other schools, but for Nassau they only look at your grades from classes that apply to the nursing program. They calculate your GPA based on that. My overall GPA from my 1st bachelor was 3.4, but luckily I got good grades in the classes that did transfer. I took all the pre/co reqs and ended up with a 3.95. To see a list of the classes clik on the link and scroll to the bottom.

Also, I know that they prefer it if you are done with most of the pre/co reqs instead of applying with just the pre reqs completed.

I got ino their evening program for Fall 2008 and can't wait to start. Good luck.

Suffolk is nice, the deadline is June 1st to get into their Spring 09 program. At this point thats the fastest way to get in, since all the other deadlines for fall 08 had passed. I heard it through the grapevine that its not that competitive to get into Suffolk. Keep in mind, thats something I heard.

Good luck, keep up the good work.

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