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As of 1132 central time ,I still cannot get my recruiter to contact me. In my previous post about a disastrous first assignment, I was cancelled after 7wks and accused of basically being incompetent and lazy.I worked for 25yrs at a major trauma center, advanced from floor nursing to ICU and then to general surgery in my last 5 yrs. I have worked as a charge nurse on an ICU and keep a current ACLS even in retirement. I retired 18 months ago and then decided I wanted to still work in an OR so this assignment to a small OR seemed great.I should have know something was wrong when I was told a lot of their own nurses were leaving about the same time.Basically I told my recruiter to contact the other travel nurse there and talk to her because she experienced many of the things I did but still since last Friday, have not heard from my recruiter. I still haven't emailed her but I might as well since she isn't returning my calls.I still want to travel,but how do I explaing this to another employer, I have nothing to hide and want to be completely honest.Just feel very naive.:crying2:

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Sounds like you need another company.

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Sounds like you need another company. When you look for another company, be more selective, tell them you are only applying with one or two and ask them a bunch of questions. Make sure you are comfortable with your recruiter then you can tell them what happened. When you talk to them, just tell them you had a very bad experience and you are being very particular about who you are going to choose this time. If they ask for details, I would give them but try not to bad mouth, stick to the facts. They will understand and I would also wait until they have done all the paperwork and are ready to submit you to someplace, you don't want to expain it to 6-7 different companies.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find the perfect company for you! :)

PS I wouldn't expect your company to help you out much, if they think that their "reputation" will be adversly affected, they will drop you like a hot potato. Your best bet is to cover your own back, keep a journal type of thing of your opinion of what happened just in case.

It was 7 weeks. if they won;t help you resolve it then just leave it off your resume. You have 25 years of experience, no one will miss that 7 weeks!

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