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Okay all I have been around. Just Busy. I am now in the process of taking a summer math course. I will be taking a basic algebra class for term B of this summer.

I have been trying to get my plan down so I know exactly when and how fast I am going to get to apply for my nursing program.

I have 2 plans I just need some advice.

Now do keep in mind I am a stay at home mom to 4 beautiful children. 14,12,5,and 2.The 5 year old will start school this year. So I will have a little more time during the day to study. I attend school at night and intend on doing this until I am in the nursing program.

Okay here is plan #1

Fall 2002

Intermidiate Algebra

College Comp. 1

Intro to humanities (internet Class)

Spring 2003

College Algebra

Human growth and developement

Fall 2003

Anatomy and Phy 1

Spring 2004

Anatomy and Phy 2

Fall 2004

Micro and I then I can apply for the Spring 2005 Nursing classes>

Plan #2 Fall 2002

Intermediate Algebra

Anatomy and physiology 1

Spring 2003

College algebra

Anatomy and Phy. 2

Summer A term

Colege comp 1

Summer term B

Human Developement


Fall 2003

I would take Micro and apply Spring 2004 nursing class.

I am an average learner. I do pull A's in my classes with lots hard work and determination. I am not a math person so I want to get that out of the way. I am doing great this time around in math but I know that it will get harder as I go.

I also have to keep my GPA high because the highest GPA's get into the program first and there is a waiting list a mile long.

Also, I hear that the chemistry part of Anatomy will kill ya. I have never had chemistry . Is there really that much chemistry involved?

I am sorry this is so long but any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't know how you are in algebra, but speaking from experience, would not take algebra and A & P in the same semester. I think it's too much. Both of those classes take up a lot of time. Your first plan sounds pretty good. It's a good idea to balance easier classes with a harder one. Especially since you want to keep your GPA up as high as possible!

But that's just my opinion.


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I have to second the opinion of abby. The first plan sounds much better. A&P and math will both require a lot of time and concentration. A good balance is best. You could even go with the humanities or comp over one summer session,, and then do the growth and development over another summer. Then you wouldnt have to triple up on any one semester, unless you need to keep with a certain number of hours per semester for financial aide purposes.

I didnt think the chem taught with my A&P was that bad. Ours amounted to DNA structure and protiens, enzymes etc. I found that the chem portion of the micro was actually harder than the A&P. Because in the micro you have to learn all the cell structure components(chemical components of the cell wall, and what breaks what down in the cell wall, and all that good stuff)

If you have kids, i would definately stick to taking the A&P and micro by themselves without another class that semester.


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I agree w/others. Don't worry about chem in A&P, it is sooo easy. Micro is the one you have to worry about, but then again you just might get an excellent professor who makes it easy. Me...I got a B when I got A's in all of my other classes. Good luck! And much respect on being a mom and a student. I have a 19m old girl, but I've been out of school for a year. Hopefully, when I start my bachelor program I'll be able to balance everything out. I am a study freak!!! and afraid that I might neglect her or my studies.

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