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Need Guidance for Nursing School

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Hello All:

I just recently switched my major to nursing. I hold an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts, and have some college credits in Hunter College. I live in NYC, and I really need assistance. I have no idea how to go about finding a good nursing school. I have two children, one still an infant, and I cannot find a nursing program that has evening/night classes. Also, I would like information on how I could find hospitals that are willing to pay for my tuition. Please keep in mind that I have no experience in this. I've called hospitals and schools, and the bureaucracy I'm up against is horrible. I get no answers; just college brochures in the mail.

Please help..

Thanks in advance for any insight.


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Here's a website that lists the NYC hospitals:


Your best bet is to go to the hospital websites and root around in there. Look for job opportunities for nursing and you may find a link to a nursing website. That's usually where they "hide" the nursing scholarships.

Here's an example of a NYC hospital with a scholarship program:


It took me about 3 minutes to find all of this out (for your :D) on the internet. It is very time consuming to call HR departments and often times not very fruitful. I find looking stuff up on the web to be faster and better.


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Since you have credits from Hunter, I would suggest going to a hospital nursing program. I go to one here in Brooklyn...Long Island College Hospital. But they don't have night/evening classes. Beth Israel has a nursing program, and they have different options, one of which includes a weekend only program. I think they call it ATOP. You would have to have all prerequisites done already and you would be going to class Thursday evening, Friday whole day and Saturday whole day, every other weekend, for about a year and change. This way you can still work and you would just have to find a babysitter for the kids the days you would be in school. The website is: http://www.wehealny.org/bischoolofnursing/

It is an excellent nursing school and you would be pretty much guaranteed a job when you've completed the program.

I hope this helps out. Oh by the way, I think the deadline for this program is coming up very soon for classes starting in January. If you don't make it, just look out for them scholarships and apply for January 2005.

Let us know if you get through.

Good Luck.


I will look into the links. I have been researching the Internet, as you suggested, but I didn't really know what to look for. That's why I posted; I needed to narrow my search.

Thanks a ton!

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