need guidance in doing my cgfns&nclex

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I need your valuable opinion on doing cgfns,nclex. whether both is needed or any one is enough?


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You need to complete an NCLEX prior to getting any american nursing license... and CGFNS visa screen is needed prior to employment as well (It is part of the homeland security crap). You may not have to do the English test for the cgfns. visit the website. It's user friendly. The whole process from start to finish...nclex, license, visa an expensive process and sometimes american hospitals will reimburse. hope this helped


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It depends on what state you are applying to. Every board of nursing has a different set of requirements.

You should familiarize yourself with what the BON needs from you.

There are application centers that can help you if it is confusing.

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Depends what sort of service you are looking at from CGFNS as they offer a few.

If CGFNS exam then is the state doesn't require it don't do it. CES is required by many states but as mentioned a lot will depend on which state you are applying to. If looking at getting a work/immigrant visa of your own then you will need a vsc once you have meet state requirements for foreign trained nurse and pass NCLEX remember you are applying for licensure not NCLEX that is just a part of the process.

If you are applying for a work/immigrant visa I would suggest a good read in this forum. If immigrant visa you will be affected by retrogression


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Thanks to Silverdragon for pointing out that NCLEX is a part of a process, not the process itself.

A lot of international nurses make this mistake because of the NCLEX culture that is developing outside the USA.

NCLEX is seen as the procedure to get licensure but that is only partially true. International nurses need to understand that they are applying for licensure and not just the ability to take NCLEX. The licensure process means that the credentials will be evaluated so that the state BON can determine if the education is up to standards and if the licensure in the home country is authentic. Additionally for countries which do not have licensure processes or for those who were educated outside of their country there are other items which must be completed.

There is no set of easy, straightforward answers when it comes to licensure application since every Board of Nursing has a different procedure. For instance some states do the credential evaluation themselves whereas others will use a third party. Some BONs want the fingerprinting to be sent to the BON and some to an outside agency (for international applicants).

Nurses outside the USA have a lot more work to put forth when applying for licensure because of the high risk of fraud that BONs have seen for people craving immigration rather than actually practicing medicine.

Make sure you evaluate everything carefully, you have to do a lot of research.

As I've said, there are some NCLEX application centers (named so again because of the NCLEX culture being created) which can assist nurses. Choose carefully though, some are legitimate and professional while others are merely hooks to get nurses wrapped into a staffing agency scheme.

What state are you wanting to get licensed in? Making the right or wrong decision at this very first stage is critical as well.

Too many international nurses choose states for easy or cheap or fast applications and this is ultimately the wrong approach because then he or she will face even more expenses in the endorsement process later. Additionally, if the state does not release licenses without a social security number the nurse will be stuck trying to get a job for a few years in a state which is not his or her goal before moving on to the place he or she desires.

Look at real reasons for choosing a state to live and work such as cost of living versus pay scale, environment and anything else that you would normally think of when choosing a place to move to. Don't just think about the job, think about your life and personal enjoyment.

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