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Need guidance Army Reserve.

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So I just got told I was pulled off the OML to commission as a 66H in the army reserve. I was pretty excited until I found out that 66H does not qualify for student loan repayments (which I did not know). I had signed paperwork for a different AOC that included the student loan repayments and didn’t realize it didn’t cross over when I had to change it back to med surg. Now I am second guessing this decision because I really wanted to join to pay off my student loans. Can you just say no?! LOL I haven’t signed any documents yet. But I also think it will be a great experience for me. (BTW I have never been a med surg nurse a day in my life! I’m in public health now, and was a GI nurse and peds nurse before this. Apparently I didn’t have enough experience in what I’m doing now or what I did before to qualify for anything other than a MS nurse. Perks of also being a military spouse!)

I'm soooo torn!!

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You can back out but don’t plan on getting picked up later. If your man reason to join was for student loan repayment the militia not for you. Loan repayments should be looked at as what they are, a bonus.

Not sure what AOC you were trying for but you either would come in as a public health nurse or med-surg. Not sure of the need for public health nurses but it is a small community in military nursing with limited slots.

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