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Need fellow student help/opinions


Has 6 years experience.

How caring and technology can coexist in nursing care delivery?

Just looking for your opinions. I have to develop 10 original questions for a presentation and I am so lost.

Thanks, Lisa

Without thinking too deeply about it...When I am confused or lost about anything, I start with what I do know...For example, list all areas of technology available in the medical field. Then think about each one and how the use of it would benefit a patient. I think of care as something personal. For example, how I care for my kids, husband, family and friends. I do this personally. How could I use technology to assist in my care of my loved ones? My patients? Start writing down every possible angle. Sleep on it. Then try to formulate your presentation.

Hi Lisa, not sure whether you will read this post or not but I too am interested in finding what 10 questions to write. I'm sure you have completed your tasks by now and I am yet to begin. Do you have any suggestions or successful web searches? The post before mine is unclear so I am going to search for a clearer answer. Hope your studies are going well. I just started a few weeks ago so I have more ahead of me than behind me but I'll get there. Thanks, Debra