Need feedback, advice, support please.


Hello fellow Nurses here in Arizona.

Really need your help.

My license is on probation. I abused alcohol, never drugs. Been sober for years, having a hard time finding a job. Have a few restrictions on my license that I feel most employers can handle, except the 6 months narcotic restriction. (Most in my support group for nurses like me have a year or 18 months, so I'am thankful.)

Put out many , many applications, with only a few interviews. These interviews went well, very receptive and had even had a job offered, but the higher ups declined. Does anyone know where I should apply or does anyone know of a nurse like me that has found employment? Please share your thoughts, opinions, ideals and any helpful tips. All comments most welcome, even if negative.

Have learned so much threw this process and it was the best thing to have happen to me with the boards intervention. That could of been me, that had killed someone. I'm entirely grateful that I'm sober today. Learning the lesson of humility today.

Please someone, respond with some feedback or advice. Thanks so much for letting me voice my concerns and asking for help.

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Moving to the Nursing and Recovery forum - you will find similar situations.


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Could you possibly move my post to the Arizona general discussion area? Hopefully I can network with a few nurses there. Thanks

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AZ nurses in Recovery will come along and post here and assist you. Good luck.


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I am confused. You said you have been sober "for years". How is it that your license is now on probation and you have a 6 month narcotic restriction? Is this a case of the BON taking years to catch up to a complaint which involved your alcohol use?


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Good question foraneman.

Was almost done with my BON order and just released from the hospital after being treated for Pneumonia. Had a valid RX and did not let the board know before taking one dose for sleep. Had my license suspended for a YEAR, then the 6 month narcotic restriction was added. I never abused drugs, my DOC was alcohol, I was a binge drinker.

We are required to submit to the board all medications that are subscribed before taking. I was not on anything or even had been and it was the weekend and of course my color came up that following Monday.

I hope this answers your question.