need even more exams for ec..ugh *vent*

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just got word from ec, that i will have to take two more pre reqs now. they will not accept any of my previous credits from my old college. they keep repeating that they are "lpn level" when in fact, i went to a community college and took ADN pre reqs before being accepted into my LPN program. UGH!!!! i finished all my nursing concepts, and now am working on pre reqs, took a&P and micro. was looking forward to only a few more courses, but now they just keep adding more and more things. its just so frustrating. and on top of that, when i do get close enough to be able to apply for the CPNE, i will have a lengthy wait as everyone is complaining at how long the wait is for the CPNE. why is ec being so difficult about repeating all these courses?

i just wish it would end!!! whew, thanks for the vent....

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I don't know why they are giving you such a hassle. The only pre. req. courses I had for Excelsior were English comp. I, Gen. Psychology I and Intro. to Sociology. They didn't give me any kind of hassle.

What state are you in?

Yes, I was unhappy about the long wait to take the CPNE (I finished in March, and couldn't even get a test date until a few weeks ago, but that had a lot to do with Amarillo being a new testing site, if you want to go to NY I have heard the wait won't be as long) Anyway, I finally got scheduled to take the CPNE in September.

Not that this was asked, but I just want to add that

I want to go directly on to BSN, and some universities will not transfer EC's science courses because they do not have a lab. Thankfully, the university closest to me *will* transfer all of EC's courses for the RN to BSN (Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN).

I may be putting the cart before the horse, but the nursing department there is very helpful and is even helping me prepare a schedule for spring '06. Feel like a rolling stone right now...

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wow, congrats on your upcoming CPNE!

i had 56 credits from my previous CC where i obtained my LPN certificate from. It is an accredited college, and i didn't take english, but i had to take psych, life span, math, a&p. the a&p i knew i would have to retake cause it was one of those "for nurses" courses. i took EC's a&p in december 04. i figured i would just have to take english, and micro and a couple other classes. as it stands now, i still have seven classes to take i think to finish pre-reqs. i have taken micro and a&p from ec. ugh, i don't know why they are making this so drawn out. i mean, i took life span and psych already, but EC keeps repeating that they are "LPN level", which they aren't. like "LPN level" is this god-forsaken level for idiots. those classes where for the ADN program, because i was originally going to go through my CC's articulation program to get my RN. then i learned about EC and thought it would be a quicker and cheaper way to go. i took all my nursing concepts in a matter of four months. now i am working on the prereqs. and now they are adding all these fbi checks and whatnot that have to get done that take even more time to finish. it just feels at this point that i'll have another year to wait before i finish.

did you take english comp through ec? if so, how was it? i wanted to take it because it's worth more credits, but i've heard terrible things about people failing, etc. they just came out with a college writing exam that's instantly graded but it's only worth 3 credits. i am looking at taking some CLEP classes instead of EC courses since they are cheaper and some are worth more than 3 credits.

well, anyway, thanks for replying...i hope to hear from you again!

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I took English comp. I and II from a local university. The only pre. req's I needed from Excelsior were A&P, microbiology, lifespan and information literacy. I started with the intent of finishing fairly quick. Took my first test in November of 2004 and finished my last written test in March of 2005. It took until last month before I could get a test date for the CPNE (and that was only after calling and making a nuisance out of my self until they gave me a date just to get rid of me). So, in spite of working myself silly to finish, I couldn't hurry Excelsior along, I still had to go by their time. They have said if all goes well I will graduate November 18 and probably get an authorization to test for the NCLEX in mid December.

So, by the time it is all over it will have taken me about 13 months to finish their ADN program.

No matter how you go about it, you still have to wait on Excelsior. That's what bites.

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