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Greetings everyone!

I enrolled in the LPN to RN bridge program via College Network and will have my degree through Excelsior. And yes, I know, I was taken for a fool for signing up with College Network. Well, I'm stuck now so I have to complete this thing. I started with Transitions and man is it boring!

I would like to know if anyone has used just the College Network module itself or did you use supplemental studying materials as well? Also, how do you stay on track??? Are you giving yourselves deadlines to finish certain classes in a particular amount of time? Are you studying a few hours everyday? Are you reading the material first and then taking the practice exams? I have Lifespan, Sociology, Western Art, and 7 of the Nursing classes.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated! I know this is a lot :clown:

Also, is there anyone in Indiana enrolled in this program???

Thank you

For that darn transition exam (OMG is it boring!), I studied 12+ hours for it, I woke up one day and decided I would take it the next. So, I took both practice tests right off the bat and read over them. Then, I read over the StudyGroup101 study guide. I got a B. Had I studied for another day or had I not fallen asleep while studying, I'm sure I would have had an A.

It's boring and dry, but not really hard. So, I would say study and just take the test. Get it over with! :)

I take at least the first practice exam right away. That way, when I read over the other material, the key points or what I missed really stand out as I study later.

Deadlines work really well! When I'm having trouble getting motivated, I check back here and praise someone for having passed a test (like I should be doing! ha!). :)

I have Lifespan, Sociology, Western Art, and 7 of the Nursing classes.

Also, I would suggest for your Lifespan and Sociology exams, if you going to CLEP those. It's cheaper than the Excelsior exams. Anyway, $20 gives you unlimited access to all of the instantcert exam prep material. (You can look for a coupon code & usually save $5.) I would typically study 5 days to 2 weeks for a CLEP exam.

Thanks for the advise! I just received the studygroup101 cd's yesterday. Wow, there's so much information included. Do you typically read the entire textbook along with taking notes first, then take the practice exam? Or does it depend on the course?

Thanks so much for sharing!

I bought a couple of TCN study guides on ebay and found them to be insufficient for me so I got the material from SG101 and was very satisfied with that instead.

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thanks for the advise! i just received the studygroup101 cd's yesterday. wow, there's so much information included. do you typically read the entire textbook along with taking notes first, then take the practice exam? or does it depend on the course?

thanks so much for sharing!

i bought all the text books before i heard of sg101. after realizing how overwhelming it would be to go through all the text books, i only used sg101 notes. then, when i was done studying all that. i took the ec outline and went back through the textbooks with it skimming those sections it mentions. just to make sure i didn't miss any info. and, i did find that there was little facts here and there that was not in the sg101 notes. so, if you are using tcn, i would go back and make sure to at least skim it for additional info.

the practice exams are invaluable that they provide you. i studied for about 2 weeks and passed with a b. it is boring, but i found that most of that i had already learned in lvn school. so, it was more like a review. it is actually a pretty easy test. it just is boring. but, i decided that since it was easy material, why not get it over with quickly!

just put your mind to memorizing the facts and get it over with! you will feel an energy burst just getting through the test! then, you will be ready for more.

good luck!

Thanks everyone for the advice. I plan on scheduling my exam this week. I'll keep you guys posted!

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