Need some encouragement........


I'm going back to school after a year long break (had my third and last baby) today. I'm taking A&P 2 for 11 weeks and have been a nervous wreck for an entire week! Some encouragement please to help get me through this very long day I have ahead of me please. :uhoh3:

ETA: I'm also stopping by the store on lunch to pick up my school supplies, any ideas besides notebook, pencils, pens?


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Congratulations! YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT! (And I recommend a recorder of some sort. Very helpful if you miss something.)


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You can do it. No worries. I am big on index/self-made flash cards-just an idea.

God bless & best wishes.:up:


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I just finished my prereqs and they really weren't so bad. Staying ahead really helped me. I'd read through lecture material before class so I wouldn't get lost. Flashcards were very helpful as well. I recently started doing my flashcards online which was easier for me because I didn't have to keep up with a bulky flashcard box. (They kept cracking in half when I stored them in my backpack) Flashcard Exchange is the site I used. You can search through others sets but I just made my own.

A recorder is good for lecture and if you have a video recorder on your phone or digital camera use it to record labs.

Good luck and you can do it!!!:up: