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Hey Everyone!

I know that several people had posted previously about moving to the United Kingdom from the states, however I did have more questions.

I am currently getting ready to start my last year of nursing school (Associates degree,but will have an RN), and want to move to the UK after school (may 2013). I am just now starting my research of what it would take to move, so I would appreciate any help with the following questions.

1.) I read in previous posts things about the NMC, what exactly is that?

2.) In order to even get a position, I would need one year of experience in the states first, is that correct?

3.) I would also need to obtain a work visa?

4.) Should I get a job first before moving to England, or would I need to be in the country first.

5.) what kind of fees am I looking at for immigration, I read someone had to pay 5,000$.

6.)Is it any easier to get a job in private nursing?

7.) In the states we have to take the NCLEX to become an official RN, would I have to tae another test there, or start over completely?

I am really trying to decide if I should move or not. I have met someone in England, and want to move there for him (insert snarky comments here, haha.. i have already heard them all), but it sounds like the move from the united states to england will not be very easy in any stretch of the imagination. It's actually pretty discouraging at the moment. However, I still wanted to do research about what it would take.

Thanks for your time!

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1. NMC = Midwifery and Nursing Council which is the UK equivalent to BON

2. Correct

3. Correct and that will be difficult if you have not got NICU experience as currently that is on the job shortage list for the UK. Also rule of thumb is UK then EU before rest of world and will say on job advert whether willing to assist with work permit

4. Job will be required for work permit and I doubt immigration will allow you to enter country without a work permit

5. Check out the UK Borders website as that has information re work permit and should list fees

6. Private sector, well there are a few private hospitals BUPA is one that comes to mind however I didn't see many jobs advertised by them when I lived in the UK but without registration with NMC hard to find out.

7. No you just have to have passed NCLEX

ADN will not be accepted by the NMC at the moment and all information is on the NMC on what you need to do and what requirements have to be met and another is English exam regardless of English being first language

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Here's my documentation of my journey to getting a UK license:

To get permission to live/work in the UK, you can go over as a fiancee or a spouse, although the immigration requirements for financial matters have recently changed (this is being challenged in human rights courts though).

You can also petition him to come live in the US via a K1 (fiance) or a CR1 (spouse) visa and I would highly recommend for guides on how to do this.

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You will need a BSN...ADN is not enough clinical hours in the UK to obtain your license.

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