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Need a change


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I have worked in the OR for the last five years and due to an injury I may never be able to do patient care again. I've had a few friends in nursing recommend case management. I've applied for a few jobs but no luck since I have no experience. Any suggestions??


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Keep trying. I had no experience either, and just recently got a job. I was able to get a job at the hospital where I already worked for 12 years, so they were willing to train, since by my track record it appears I will stick around.

I would suggest researching case management thoroughly so you know what you're getting into, so the interviewers see that you're serious about it.

I wanted to get into this field for a few years now, and kept applying when I saw job openings. Eventually either I wore them down, or they didn't have enough applicants. Actually, she told me she had many applicants for the job. One thing that helped is that I was willing to take an on call position to start and get my foot in the door, so to speak. You may have to do something like that, although if you're your family's primary wage earner, that can be scary.

Good luck.

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OP: I agree with the above post. I left bedside nursing by talking to the Case Management Department Director my current employer at the time. My Director put in a good word for me, which gave me a boost. I met the Case Management Department Director, who liked me right away. The Department Director had a few openings for entry-level Case Management positions that were already filled, but she hired me too! Therefore, your best bet is to start where you work. Do not waste time competing for positions without talking to the hiring manager directly!

Also, as the other OP reports, it is important to know what the specialty is prior to an interview. Plus, research jobs that will accommodate your injury. I am thinking a Public Health WIC position, rather than necessarily a Hospital Case Management position. Hospital CMs work hard, move fast, and find themselves in very stressful situations (Something bedside nurses are unaware of until they become one)! Good luck!


Specializes in OR. Has 5 years experience.

Thank you for the suggestions! I am trying to get on with the hospital I currently work for. My director is willing to help me so hopefully it all works out. Otherwise I'm not sure where else to look for non-patient care that doesn't require a MSN.

If you can get a job without the CCM credential, go for it. Most CM jobs strongly prefer or require it.

Most folks in "case management" departments in hospitals are really discharge planners, and could not sit the CCM exam because the scope of practice to do that is much broader than discharge planning. Here's the link to the Case Management Society of America. Check it all out, and find your local chapter and start going to their continuing ed offerings and meetings. You'll be able to do a lot of networking and learn useful stuff. And the annual conferences are awesome-- next year in New Orleans!

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