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I graduated in August 2014 and accepted a position in a primary pediatric clinic. I loved it. My background as an RN was in oncology. In January of this year the oncology clinic I am very familiar with made me a sweet offer which included a significant raise.

Fast forward to now, I have been there another 4 months and feel more like a scribe than an NP. I am not sure if I made the right move. It will be almost a year that I graduated and I honestly don't feel like I know much more than when I graduated. I feel like a took a step back in accepting this position. I love oncology patients but I do miss the autonomy and the clinic environment.

Need mentorship to guide me on what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Would it be feasible to take a per diem--maybe a weekend day a month in the pediatric clinic (provided that they are open on some Saturdays?)

This way, if the oncology gig doesn't work as time goes on (and perhaps they are "training" you into your role) you could already be back at least part of the time at the peds clinic?

Just a thought--

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Is this a permanent part of the role or just because you are new? You may need to create your role and educate the admin on your abilities and scope of practice if you feel you aren't being utilized to your full potential. If your complaints are more than just that you aren't able to do more tasks independently you might need to rethink this position. Good luck.