Need career advice for new RN w/ 19 yr LPN experience

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Hi. Need some advice for those of you that have been around for awhile. I have been an LPN in LTC for 19 years. I have been unit manager of an ICF unit, staff development co-or and most recently MDS for 6 years. Have finally completed by RN - whoopee!!! :balloons: That was a couple of months ago and I am still doing exactly the same job I did as an LPN (MDS co-or). I have stayed in this position b/c after all these years I have no holidays, w/k off except for call rotation, day shift and excellent flexibiity in general. I have 2 school age kids (10 and 11 yr old) involved in everything imaginable. My husband is truck driver, so 99% of the "running around" with the kids falls on me plus he's not necessarily around at night - can't work off shifts as don't know when/if he'll be home. My internal battle is this: I really want to "go be a nurse" now (work in hospital or the like) but yet is it even reasonable to assume that I can get a day shift or any flexibility at all. I guess what I need help with is this: does anyone have any good suggestions for something new to do that I could possibly get a day shift out of w/ a little flexibility? Yes, I know I'm asking for the moon as a new RN - but someone may have a great idea that I haven't thought of. Maybe I will just have to wait for the kids to grow up a little!? Thanks for any 2 cents you can give.

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I was an LPN for 26 years and when I graduated as an RN 4 years ago I went to days on an acute med/surg telemetry floor. I love it. From what I hear from other nurses that I come in contact with it is not that hard these days to find a day position. I went into the day shift on a PRN basis and within 2 weeks a full time position opened up. You might have to start days as a PRN but it won't take long.

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