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Need application help - UMB's BSN nursing

Unfortunately I was rejected and I was honestly VERY surprised. I have no idea why, and so, I called the admissions office to see if they could help me with something to get me a higher chance for the spring.

I was worried if I needed to retake any of my classes and she said that my gpa was okay and my teas test was fine as well, but she was not able to give me any more information. (3.61 gpa and 84% adjusted score) [] oh and i forgot to ask what the average of the people that got accepted... but she told me my scores were good. Anyway...

So i'm thinking its my essay or resume! For anyone of you that was accepted... can I use your essay or resume as a reference to make mine better?

it would really, really help me a lot. I went to the writing center at MC to revise my essay and resume and thought they'd be fine too... but I guess not. And I don't know anyone that applied and got accepted, so I can't ask anyone else but you all here

if you don't mind sending me your resume or essay, can you email it to me?

Thanks a bunchhhh :redbeathe

email is: kiyoko301@yahoo.com

did you include any healthcare related job that you have done. The essay weights heavily on the admission process. My advice to you get a CNA license and start working part time. your score was very good on the teas test, but i think they are looking beyond that. just be very brief in the letter, tell your experience and most importantly why you chose UMD for your nursing education.

Yeah I did, I volunteered at a nursing home and im also volunteering at the hospital.. ;( and i already have a job.. but it's not related to health care. How much would i get working with a CNA license? ;x Cos i know the classes are over 500$ to take here

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

Why limit yourself to this school? There are so many in this area!

UMD has an information session today, attend and ask your questions there. How can you improve your chances of getting admitted?

I know what you're feeling. did you try applying to other schools? is that an option for you?

what was ur gpa for your science courses. Those are by far much more important. Admission is definitely very important. I had a 4.0 in all my pre-reqs and 99th % in my NET exam (do they use teas now?).

Hey everyone,

i'm focusing a lot on my application now and going to take some classes that another school I'm trying to apply for requires! This time I won't make the mistake of only applying to 1 school :) Although, i'd still prefer to go to UMB at Shady Grove because I live with my family not too far away. The other schools are in the area... with an hour or two commute.

3/5 core science classes were B's; chemistry, AP1, and Bio... everything else were A's. And I took those 3 classes my first semester in college; a total mistake lol.

Would you all suggest I retake and get A's in those classes? And if you don't mind sending me your resume or essay, that would help me a lot too. I've been searching for a good format for the resume, but I haven't found one yet.


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