Need some advice on working vs. not working.


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One more thing. Do any of you other pharm. techs out there feel like you got shafted as much as I do about the whole career? I was told 15 bucks per hour right out the door starting, easy access to full time hours, decent benefits, vacation, sick time, etc. I cant BELIEVE what it's really like. First of all the PTCB only tests about HALF the stuff I'm actually doing. I had to basically re-learn everything I studied and memorized regarding the insurance end of the business, There's basically zero hope of moving up to become a lead anytime... and the amount of ungreatful attitudes you deal with in that field is phenominal! I mean It's like all the negative enegry in the universe gets channeled into pharmacies across the US... I dig it and Pharm work is awesome and this is just a vent sessions, but c'mon. There needs to be a little more honesty and some more state by state info available for this kind of work.
Um I have been training since June in a pharmacy in a hospital (I got bumped out of my other job). Idk the pay isnt bad just got a raise which I believe I should of got months ago at the one year mark but yep just another issue with the system/"union", but maybe its just the company in general had issues since I started. There making me go per diem..they wouldnt work with my schedule. Idk if per diems going to work out though becasue I cant be constantly working evenings for instance on Sunday when I have school Monday. I am supossed to start per diem October 7th. Just sad how nothings really explained and how difficult they make it to go to school. School starts in October just had orientation today. Kinda getting nervous and they said in pn1 and pn2 you have to get a 85% and a 90% in pharmacology! Thats scary bc I really forgot how to do alot of math! Of course they have been having me coming in alot recently which is bad timing with school coming up. Oh yeah I have to become certified by the year mark in June and when the heck am I going to have time to study for that with school? Have to pay out of pocket. Its kinda a waste because Ill be graduating a few months later..


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A lot of my classmates work and have families. It is hard but they actually manage to do really well in class! Probably better than those without jobs OR children. I guess having children really motivates them. I hope it works out for you!


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I will be starting PN school Sept 24, I have my AUA/ CNA & thankfully I have found an agency that has a lot of shifts available. It is nice to get a call several times a day & I choose when I want to work & where I want to go. I like that freedom & the pay is daily, which is nice. Hopefully, the places I have gone will get my foot in the door when I become licensed. Possible look for agency job for $$ support. Goodluck!