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Need some advice and tips for reentering NS


At our nursing program, once you fail anything twice, your out for good. I completed my first semester of nursing school in the fall of 2011 and I was supposed to graduate this May. However, while I was taking my first semester of nursing which was Fundamentals of Nursing I was also taking a chemistry class and I ended up with a "D" in chemistry. Even though I did great in the nursing program, I was removed from it for a year because of the D in chemistry. As of last week I am back in the program picking up from where I last left off which is my second semester and I will now graduate next May 2014.

With all of that being said, can anyone give me any advice or tips that will get me through these next 16 months? I am trying to be so positive, but I am so scared and full of anxiety that something is going to go wrong and then I will be done for good. I am plan to study every day! Last week our instructor told us that you cannot study the night before a test and to try to cut down on people doing that and failing out of the program, we will be given 6 pop quizzes this semester. Basically I will have to be on my toes at all times and I think that will help a lot this semester for me personally.


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I wish you had started this thread earlier! I would have suggested you take chemistry so it would not be so hard. Good luck!!!

I am starting nursing school this fall and I'm so nervous but so excited! I've heard horror stories from my friends that had to withdraw from ns because of how hard and time consuming it is. Those who have succeeded tell me time is everything! They have decreased their hours at work and study every day. When my fiancé and I invite them out, they say they can't do anything until the semester is over. They live, breathe, and eat nursing. And that's exactly what I'm planning to do. Best of luck to you!