Need an Advice


hi guys, let me share a bit about myself before we talk about my dilemma.

I'm an international BSN RN. I practiced internationally as a psychiatric nurse then transferred to thepediatric unit/pediatric ICU eventually transitioning to neonatal ICU. later on I migrated to the US but was on a break for 4 years and now I am licensed and ready to get back in the field.

I have alot of anxiety and I would like to work and specialize in pediatrics. not gonna lie, I am worried because I have been out of practice for quite sometime.

do you guys have any books I can delve into, videos, programs or any tips in general? since I never worked in the US.

the anxiety is killing me and making my GERD worse. LOL

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Some community colleges offer refresher courses and you may wish to look into one of those. You can also look on the Board of Nursing website for the state you are licensed in and see if they have any resources for a nurse returning to the bedside. Good luck!