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Need advice

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by Sbeauty Sbeauty (New) New Student

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So about 6 months ago i began nursing school everything has been going well, but prior to starting i had an ordeal with cps which was a huge misunderstanding but because of it i got added to the Child Abuse Central Index, i just would know how this will effect me in the future never was criminally charged for never had to go to court, nursing is my dream job i just don’t want this to ruin it all for me when it comes time to get my license

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TriciaJ has 39 years experience as a RN and specializes in Psych, Corrections, Med-Surg, Ambulatory.

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I had never heard of the Child Abuse Central Index, so I looked it up.  I take it you're in California, since it's the only state that lists such an agency.  Anyway, it has its own website which lists the purpose of the agency and what the information can and cannot be used for.

After checking their website, you might want to look for a number and give them a call.  Ask a live person if the information can be used to keep you from your clinical placements or prevent you getting a nursing license.  I would not waste time trying to talk to anyone at the California Board of Nursing.  Not only are they notorious for not answering their phone, I just now couldn't get their website links to work.

Is there any way you could work with CPS to clear up the "misunderstanding"?

If you still have uncertainties, it might just be best to consult with a lawyer.   The California Bar Association website can help find a low-cost attorney if you qualify.  Good luck.

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