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Hi, I am a hospice nurse in need of advice from an oncology nurse. Two months ago I noticed my left breast was bigger than the right, tender and has a palpable lump. It swells and is more tender pre menstruation. I had an ultrasound and mamogram, both negative. My FP said nothing. I asked the office nurse to fax me the radiology reports. Impression states neg. for cysts or and solid mass, however there is prominent fibroglandular tissue in the area of palpable lump that needs close clinical follow up. When I called the nurse back to ask what this means, she stated "you just do that yourself, if you note any neww changes then notify the doctor". Does this sound right or am I just freaked because of my work area and knowledge? I am a healthy 43YO with no family hx of breast ca. I would appreciate any advice, thanks. :confused:

For my own reassurance, I would get a second opinion from a specialist in breast cancer.

My mother and two of my sisters have had breast cancer, so it's not something that I take lightly. I have yearly ultrasounds and see a breast specialist every six months. This can be quite frightening, especially being an oncology nurse and knowing everything that you know. It's important to follow your instincts, if you don't feel right about something. Take care of yourself!!

Right! Go with your instincts. I have had breast cancer. I had two benign lumps removed and then let a third one go too long. My motto now is "if it doesn't belong there, get rid of it." At the time I was conquering this 12 years ago, Children's Hospital in San Francisco was one of the best treatment centers. I used naturopathic and allopathic treatments. Nutrition, meditation, attitude all play significant roles. Think health. Get another opinion. Best wishes!

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I think you should see a surgeon. Sometimes you can have fibrocystic areas in you breast that fill with fluid. They can be easily aspirated by needle in the office setting.The fluid is usually sent to pathology.I just don't see any point in you having to worry about this.I'm not in any way trying to stress you out but,I have seen cases of breast cancer where the mammogram,US, breast aspiration were all negative.Ease your mind,make an appointment with a surgeon.

NurseT: I know it's scary, but try to replace the feeling of fear with one of (I haven't found the right word for this yet) optimism. "Fear" makes you a victim and your body chemistry reacts accordingly which impairs your immune system. This is why meditation is so important. You can let go the negative feeling of fear and focus healing thoughts on your body. This isn't woo-woo stuff. The medical field acknowledges that the mind has tremendous healing power. We all have it. Keep in touch.

That is such good advise for all of us, mustangsheba. (any relation to mustang sally?)

Thank you all so much, I will make an appt. for 2nd opinion, sure is scary though. Nurse T :confused:

Thanks to all for your advice and kindness. I went to a surgeon and he said it's just fibrocystic tissue due to normal ageing and hormones. signed, Glad to be old and lumpy.

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