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i really need some advice. i got my nursing license in august of this year and recently interviewed for a job at nursing home. this will be my first job as a licensed nurse. during interview, an interviewer told me that they are really short on nurses in midnight shift and asked me if i was willing to work in the midnight shift until they hire new midnight shift nurses. the problem is, i have no previous experience as a nurse and in midnight shift, there is only one nurse in the unit and therefore i will be the only nurse working there and i am responsible if something happens to my patient.there is one nurse supervisor in the midnight shift who is responsible for overseeing 5 units but i'll be the only one who will be in the unit. do you think i should not accept her offer and find another job? please help!!!!!!!!!


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I think you already know what to do - don't accept any job where you know from the beginning that you are on shaky ground. New grad + unit by herself = big trouble.

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NO, do not accept that position. You are putting yourself and your patients in a bad situation. You need some time, a lot of time working with others. I am not saying you are not a good nurse, but we all need feedback at some time or another and you are going to feel pretty overwhelmed at first. There will be many new situations and you need someone who has been there, done that to learn from. If you are willing to work night shifts then you should have NO problem finding a hospital where you will have adequate support.

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