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So I began working in orthopedics for almost 2 years, then got an internship for circulating in the OR which I didn't like so transferred to hospice which was very rewarding! In my 9 months working hospice I got engaged and returned to school; between school, being a hospice case manager, and planning a wedding it all got to be too much and something had to give, so I returned to hospice. Thinking about the future I am worried about having kids and wanting a Monday thru Friday kind of schedule at that time. Just wondering if any one had any thoughts on some good ideas!

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What degree do you currently have? Are you an RN?

It seems with your experience that you would be able to get a clinic or doctor's office job, although most of those in my area are looking for LPNs or medical assistants.

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I don't have kids but 3 days of daycare beats 5 any day. 9 to 5 might mean only seeing your kids when you're dropping them off and when you eat dinner and put them to bed. Shift work may mean weekend trips out of town or more.

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