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Hey ladies, I need advice from people who are already in the Healthcare field, if at all possible!

I only have 2 pre-reqs to complete before I can enter the RN program. As a single mom I want to do all I can to better my future for my child and myself!

With that in mind, I am also enrolled in Penn Foster online for an Associates degree in Healthcare Management. This is a "at your own pace" and I am almost done with my 1st semester. You get a year to complete a semester. So, I am torn on whether to quit this completely and just do the RN program, OR would if help me to also have an Associates in Healthcare Management?

I am interested in NICU, L&D, Case Manager, or Outpatient Care.

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From what I've read, it's unlikely that you'll secure a healthcare management job without healthcare experience.

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I can't say for sure that it would help you but it may not be the best thing to do while in nursing school. Most nursing programs are extremely intensive and reading heavy. You may find that you don't have time to give that program the attention it needs. If you do have the time and desire to finish it, I can't imagine it would hurt you. Showing that you have knowledge of basic things like insurance basics and healthcare management could give you a leg up.

Personally, I would get your RN and then go for your BSN or MSN. That way you have extra education and you could eventually become a case manager.

I wondered about the same thing. In my case I completed a Healthcare Admin degree and I'm hoping with experience and an Associates Degree at some point I can float into management. I agree with older posts that say it shouldn't be done while attempting nursing program. Good luck!!!

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