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Need Advice.


Hello all, I am applying into several CRNA programs this year and most schools require a recommendation from a current supervisor/manager. Now here's my dilemma that I would appreciate some feedback from. My current supervisor is not very fond of me, at first I thought it was me, but the longer I work at this facility, the more it is becoming apparent that my supervisor is a pure jerk. So I am caught in between a rock and a hard place. I need her reference but am not too sure what type of reference she is going to give me. What should I do?

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Try to find references from experienced nurses who like you, charge nurses, or your former preceptor when you were on orientation. Also get references from professors who remember you. Best wishes!

Do you have an assistant manager that thinks better of you? They are still in a supervisor position, so it may work. My manager is almost never around and barely knows me, she thinks well of me and I get great reviews, but I am having my assistant manager do my recommendation as he has seen me work and be active in codes, unit meetings, etc. so I feel he's in a better position to write about me beyond the generic "Dan is a good employee" stuff.

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Maybe try to get the reference from your supervisor's supervisor or a former supervisor.

This is probably not the first time the school has run into that problem. You could call the nurse anesthesia department where you are interested in applying to and ask if a reference from another person other than your immediate supervisor would be acceptable.