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I'm new to this forum. I'm a first year nursing student from Canada and I just found out that I failed my clinical. Because I failed the clinical part of the class, I will now get an F for the class, even though I had a good grade. I missed a few assignments that were not worth much and had a lot problems with my clinical instructor and actually talked to her superiors as she was very difficult to deal with. Now I have to wait a year to repeat this class. The only thing I can do is appeal my grade, but I really don't think I stand a chance of winning. My grade in my other nursing class is not very good, however, if I had passed the clinical the average of the two would have been just fine. :crying2:

I am actually considering transfering to a different school, possibly in the United States as it is very hard to get into schools in Canada and it is past most of the deadlines. I'm just wondering if anyone from the U.S. has any advice in applying to nursing schools and what schools might be a bit easier to get into than others ect.. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

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You may find it hard to get into a school in the US plus will probably have to pay International fees which will be much and usually there are required pre requisites.

Look up what the common prerequisites are for US nursing schools, and see if you have them (try the pre-nursing forum on this site). Remember that you'll have to pay of state tuition, and that many community colleges give preference to residents. Chances are good that it will take at least a year to get all that organized anyways, so think carefully before you make any decisions. Try appealing your grade first, and don't rule out starting with the next class where you are if they'll let you. I moved from one state to another in the US b/c of Katrina, and it took me an extra year since prereqs were slightly different - internationally I'm sure it's even tougher. If you do decide to transfer, why not investigate other Canadian schools first?

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