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Hi everyone, im brand new to all this so i hope someone can help. i want to become an RN. i have a BA already in liberal arts, so im looking at an accelerated program. im wondering what the pre-reqs are to apply and if anyone knows how competitive it is to apply to these programs. i went to college when i was 16 so my gpa is not impressive. i think its 2.5.. i've noticed alot of these programs require atleast a 3.0. Since ive been graduated now for a few years my outlook has changed and im much more serious about my studies. Do you think if i do really well on the pre-req classes it might "outweigh" my low gpa?? my goal is to become a CRNA. I want to go about all this as efficiently as possible so it doesnt take me forever to reach my goal. Any advice to help point me in the right direction would be much appreciated!! Thanks

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It has been my experience that each school has different requirments for getting into their program. Some look at only pre-reqs and others look at the total GPA. Also depending on where you are at in the country depends on how compertive it is to get into nursing school. Where I am at it is highly competive, one of the schools I applied at there was 1,000 applicants for only 40 slots in the program. I have heard of some schools placing you on a waiting list, but I haven't seen one yet.


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I suggest you do a google search for accelerated BSN programs in your state. Make a list. Then start going to the website of each of these schools. Each will list the prerequisites required for that particular school. Although many schools have the same prerequisites, there are some differences which you should be aware of. You will save time and money if you concentrate on fulfilling the prerequisites of the schools that you prefer to attend (like the one that is nearest to where you live).

You can almost bet that you will need: microbiology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry (one or two semesters), perhaps nutrition, psychology, sociology, college algebra, Freshman English (one or two semesters), and maybe biology as a prerequisite to anatomy and physiology. These classes are almost a given. But each school has their own criteria and may accept one micro class over another or do something else differently. You can figure most of this out just by looking at the info on the website of each school. Good luck.


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Your best bet is to contact the school(s) you're interested in and request some statistics (average GPA, percentage of applicants admitted, etc.) on the last admitted class. That should give you some realistic goals. Also ask if they count the science GPA separate from the general ed. GPA...that might help in your situation. You can also ask if they will count all your courses from your prior school(s) to determine your application GPA. They may only count what you need to transfer into the nursing program.

Good luck!:welcome:

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