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need advice

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I Have been a med surg nurse for 3 months and I am about at my wits end . the other day I starting quetioning if I made a mistake becoming a nurse. Its not my pts I love my pts its just the work atmosphere and the high pt load. I came home feeling deflated I cant really explain it but just heavy and down and it is getting worse and worse! I dont think some of the things done are safe and i am scared at what I am expected to do sometimes. Has anyone felt like this?

I came into nursing LOVING IT and I dont want to loose that b/c I am in the wrong place!

I see so much slacking and I do not want to be like that. also I feel stupid half the time b/c its so fast paced and your pts have so much wrong and u cant look up diseases u dont know unless u do it at home so I feel lost and am loosing my confidence.

I have 50 different people telling me how to do things the "right" way... no one really follows a certain protocol they just do want they want and think there way is the best i feel so unorganized and about crazy some days! when I am left alone I do alot better but somone always has to but there nose in to "the new nurse" to tell me something.

I am told I am good nurse and very caring. during school everyone always teased me about being the biggest pt adovocate! but now I have people make smart comments b/c i spend too much time with my pts!

I have always been a people person. I get along with people very easy but it seems I have run into some nurses that just want to make my life difficult. do not get me wrong there are some really nice nurses too. but the pt load is so high and i see alot of corners cut and am told "this is the real world not school" I know there is a diffrence but i have a lience to and pts to protect. if I do what they say knowing its not in my best judgment and something goes wrong it will all come down on me no one is going to say I told her to do it that way! But they get mad if i say i dont feel comfortable doing it! I was told "we always do it this way but if you want to do it like that go ahead!" in a very smart tone and this was over signing off insulin i gave at 5am in the book as 7:30 am. does that make sense to you???the mars are preprinted with 7:30 so they just check 7:30. I just dont get the reasoning behind it and felt I needed to mark that I gave it at 5 am!

I have an interview today for a special care nursey my heart has always been with peds. But I am scared I want the job so bad but I dont know how it will look being a new grad and changing jobs after 3 months. I am afraid and unsure how to give my 2 week notice if I get the job!

Has anyone been in a sim situation??? any suggestions on how to go about giving 2 weeks or interview questions b/c I want to leave my first job out of school after 3 months.

My biggest worry is this hopsital i want to leave is part of a huge sytem and I dont want to leave on bad terms b/c I dont know if it would effect me being hired in the system at another hospital someday. Its just a community hospital like a sat hospital of the big one downtown and down town is where i would go if i wanted to work in this sytem someday!

Also My child was born premature and was in NICU for 3 months and been in and out of the hospital ever since and that is why i went to school to give back alll that has been given to me. Should I mention that in this interviw for level 2 nicu? he was in level 3 ....but right now I dont think I am ready for that acute of care so I thought this would be a good start. I think I would also be cross trained in OB mother baby I really want this job it is close to home and the other nicus close are level 3 in down town urban hospitals one being where my child was treated and even though I LOVE the hospital I am not sure if it would be good for me to start out there!

any ideas suggestions feed back is greatly appreciated! I am so nervous and confused!

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Welcome to Allnurses. I will move this to the General Nurses forum since you're asking for advice. Good luck!

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Do you remember how it felt to be a new parent? How maybe the books didn't really prepare you for the high level of responsibility needed to take care of a baby? How some days had low moments and seemed so hard?

The first year as a nurse is very much the same. Do not be too hard on yourself. If you have already landed the new job, go ahead and give your 2 week notice. Be as polite and positive as you can truthfully be about your reasons and leave on good terms.

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