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I wonder if I could get some career advice. I am thinking that with my tenuous health my days of critical care are numbered. I am thinking I have at least 5 good years left on my legs.... then, I could be a Case Manager (I am thinking in several different settings in my current facility).

Anyone out there have any career path suggestions? I would appreciate your help. I have an ADN and an AA but quit pursuing my BSN when my scheduled work time seemed to fall on my class nights (long story).



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How many years do you plan on working as a nurse (in some capacity) before retirement? If it's say more then 10 then I would re think the BSN thing and get a different job if necessary to finish it. It's nice to have the degree for the middle management nurse jobs or for state/federal jobs (many require a BSN).

I worked as a nurse manager and even though I didn't do direct patient care - I ran my butt off. My position was on the weekends covering the whole house so I went everywhere - scanning charts for lengths of stay, discharging planning, talking to patients, etc... I did not sit at a desk. So be sure you have a good understanding of the duties.

Why wait 5 years? As soon as a position opens, put in an application.

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My advice: go to an RN to MSN program and be done with it. The MSN will give you more options than a BSN ever would.

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