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Need advice on salary

by Pqbrown Pqbrown (New) New

Hello all, 10 years after discovering allnurses I finally joined! I am in a bit of a predicament in my current position as an ARNP at a busy level one trauma center doing intensivist management for an anesthesia group in tampa Florida. We (arnps) write all the notes for the service and do the vast majority of the procedures and typically see/write notes for 6-15 icu pts a day. I have been in the position for over 4 years (my total career) and function at a very high level. Autonomous in central line insertion, art line, emergent intubations, and supervised chest tubes, intubations, perc trachs, thoracentesis, etc. to complicate things even more, we will be soon on a 3/4 shift night rotation every 6 weeks. I am currently at 100k with a meager yearly bonus, which I feel is under valued. My question and need for advice, is what are some of you getting paid in similar positions? What is market value for this type of position?

juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

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I am not well versed on pay scales in Florida but in an expensive city in California where I live, our range is about 130-170K base pay annually depending on years of experience. I have 20+ years total nursing experience. That is not that high considering the cost of living. However, differential pay, holiday pay, and overtime adds to that in the end. I also work in as an ICU NP with similar role.

Thanks for your input! I met with our business manager today and I am fairly certain I will be receiving a quality offer by next week.

ghillbert, MSN, NP

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In Pittsburgh which has a very low COL I earn more than that base salary for working in acute care (not ICU) with 2 yrs ACNP experience (and 10+ yrs ICU nursing experience).

I work in vascular surgery (I first assist in OR and do fistulagrams, IVC filter placement, tunnel dialysis catheters, temp caths, mediports in IR). I make 115K. I have a friend who works in a similiar position as yourself in ICU and she makes 113K. I would say you are a little low and deserve a raise. BTW we are in WA state. Our cost of living is great... we have a large NP program so we have all banded together to get NP's the pay they deserve. I still feel like we are underpaid for our invasive procedures and should be in the 130-170 range as the other poster mentioned

We have a tightly knit group as well and actually are in the process of negotiating together as well. We went in at 130k. Will find out this week what their offer to us is, realistic goal being 120. Will keep you all posted. Thanks again for everyone's advice.

Thank you all for your input, it really helped me affirm that I am due more. They offered me 120k, which I feel is a good, fair number. Hopefully threads like this can serve as a reference to others in a similar position in the future.