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I started working in Oct 2007 on a maternity unit. However due to family reasons I had to go per diem in July 2008 so now I work 2 shifts per week. I am updating my resume and need some ideas on incorporating both positions. Can I just leave my title as Postaprtum Nurse and the dates from Oct 2007- Present and elaborate on the interview? Or should I state staff nurse and perdiem staff nurse sepaerately with the dates?

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I don't think you need to show how many hours you worked (full time vs. per diem) on a resume. Save it for the interview, IF it comes up. Besides, you want to keep your resume as short as possible. Some people say if it's more than one page it's too much. Employers need to see the "good stuff" right away.


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I agree with the previous poster. If you worked for the same company and in the same role, there is no need to indicate change in full time status on a resume.

Keep in mind that your resume is a marketing tool - your sales flier. It should include only the information you need to sell the idea that you have the best knowledge, skills and abilities to do the position.

A job application is a different story. Even there, I would only include information that you are asked for. If it doesn't ask about change in full time status, I wouldn't feel inclined to offer it.

Good luck on the job hunt! :)


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Thanks for the replies...:wink2:

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