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Need advice about what to put on job application

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I need some advice about what to put on job application. I became on RN in 2008 and began my first RN job in September. I loved the job, but I was unfortunately diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in March of this year. The chemotherapy was rough so I took a leave of absence. I finished chemotherapy and had my surgery which all went really well.

I am ready to go back to work but there are no jobs in my old department. I am not interested in changing specialties. There is a job in another hospital that would be perfect for me. My question is how should I answer the question about why I left my last job. Should I just say health reason or be specific and say a cancer diagnosis. I am just afraid a nurse manager might look at me and be worried that I will miss work because of my cancer. My prognosis is excellent and I am so ready to go back to work. The position I am interested in is a prn position so they don't have to worry about my insurance cost.


I'm a little confused. Have you left your job and are applying to another employer? Or with the same employer, different area? If it is a new employer, explain your absence, as due to health problems. If she ask, you received successful treatment for breast cancer, with a good prognosis. You might want to get a letter from your doctor stating that. If it is the same employer,likely they all ready know.

Good luck


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Hi Michele,

Sorry about your Diagnosis, must been a difficult time for you. Personally I think being straight forward is always the best policy during an interview. However you need to get first to the interview. I think I would state in my resume that you took FMLA for the period of…to…and then…When they ask for more info I would clarify.

Just my thoughts J

Good luck!

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Congratulations for your recovery. I would be honest, but brief. Actually, as a manager I would believe someone with your recent experiences would be a good patient advocate.