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Need advice on online schools RN-BSN

I went to nursing school in Germany for 3 years, graduated in 2002 and worked after that for about 2 years on a MICU. We moved to United States in 2005 and I wasn't able to work since I wasn't allowed to practice nursing in the US. Last week I passed my NCLEX-RN and now I'm considering going back to school to get my BSN. Since I didn't graduate from a nursing school here, I'm not sure what my education is equal to. (diploma, AS). Since I went to school for 3 years, the extra year should help me to shorten the time to get my BSN, right? I need a college/university that is able to evaluate my German education and tell me what kind of classes I still need. I already took some classes at a community college here (English, Psych, Biology, MedTerm), but I have no idea what to do next or where to go. Would love to do it online, so I have time to finally go back to work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Medic09, BSN, RN, EMT-P

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Your best bet is to contact a counselor at whatever school interests you, and get direct guidance from them.

Many of the universities require that you submit your foreign transcripts to a professional evaluation service to assign academic status, but I would ask the counselor at the school you are interested in.


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I will admit that I am Pro-Chamberlain online ! They will work with you !

I'll look into that, thank you!

I'll second what Medic09 said.

Since you are now an RN, you may want to look at on-line RN to BSN programs. As mentioned already, Chamberlain is one such program but there are many out there and I'd advise you to look around. Some of the more reasonably priced programs that I'm aware are offered through Ohio U, Ft Hayes State (KS), Thomas Edison (NJ), State Univer of NY at Delphi, U Wyoming, Slippery Rock State (PA) and U Texas - Arlington. None of these should run more than $10,000 while some schools, such as U Phoenix or Drexel can run to $25k or more.

One thing to be aware of regarding any nursing program is accreditation. To be safe, any school that you select should probably be fully accredited by both the regional associations (such as Middle States) and the cognizant nursing organization (usually CCNE). Not all schools and programs have both certifications, and I personally would not enroll in a program that was not fully accredited (all of the schools I mention above hold both certs).

Good luck to you.

Thank you chuckster, that was alot of info! Guess I have some homework to do, until I decide which school I'm going with! Thanks for all the suggestions!


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