Need advice from NYC Pain NP

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I was recently offered a job with a pain interventionalist in NYC. I am a recent grad and is quickly familiarizing myself with the scope of practice for an FNP but unable to find information regarding scope of practice on pain management. With training the physician will expect me to perform trigger point injections and joint injections. I am wondering if any Pain Managment NP can forward resources and guidelines. I feel that I nag have to reject position because I lack that knowledge. Please help.

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The best place to find your answer will be either your state BON or the NP assoc of NY..

Good luck, sounds fun..

I checked both the BON and NP Association but no specific data related to pain management. I subsequently sent a message requesting resources so fingers crossed. thank you for you information.

Try the American Society for Pain Management Nursing. They have a lot of information on their website about pain management nursing at an advanced practice level, including their journal Pain Management Nursing. I know many NPs that work in pain management, both interventional and traditional. Most of them love it -- though it has its challenges.