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I was hired for a 9 month position, mainly to help staff while the hospital rolls out its new computerized charting system. I'm still going through the full 10 week orientation, not to mention the full orientation for the electronic charting. At the end of the 9 months I can apply for a position, but employment is not guaranteed. I knew this going in.

I feel the company is investing a lot in me already. They've also hired 49 other nurses for these temporary positions. They are on a hiring freeze until May 2013. I really want to stay on, I like my job a lot so far. But, I don't know if there'll be a place for me.

Well they have invested in you. Many times in healthcare networking is the best option - knowing people makes it easier to get a job. Do your best and apply when it's over. Maybe you won't get the same unit but you'll get something else within the facility.

The best you can do is try. And do the best while you do have a job as a temp. Worst they can say is no. Good luck :)

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The only thing you can do in this situation is to be excellent each day you work. Every day. Don't ever say anything snarky or rude to anyone. Be pleasant, work well with everyone, and possibly even volunteer to serve on some sort of committee. In a way you are having a 9 month trial period, or "audition". So hang in there.

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Great advice, thank you. I can do anything for 9 months.

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I honestly clicked on this thinking it was asking what position a 9 month old should be in when you take their temperature. Funny how things can be read!

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I did a 6 month contract as a travel nurse, right when the economy really went south. Because of how I had been, they hired me full time. If you are someone they like, and OF COURSE you will be... this will be in the bag!

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Oh saucony, I hope so!!

I'll be competing for a job with the other nurses that they've invested in just the same. Alot of them in general orientation have already said they'll worry about that when the time comes, but I'm trying to prepare for it now.

Lol @ blondy, that's funny!

Stay there and enjoy your time there. Nothing in this life is guaranteed so relax and enjoy the ride. In the 70's there was also a slow down in hiring nurses. I had a job offer in Boston but also had one in New Mexico. The New Mexico job offered me a job in Pediatrics so I took it. I drove from Boston area to Albuquerque with my Tv in the back seat of my car, found a little apartment and went to work. But wait, the job was not in Pediatrics as I had been told, it was in Med-Surg. OMG, I hated it! But I hung in there and after putting time in Med Surg, RR, and ICU I finally ended up working in Peds. I loved it right from the start as I knew I would. I eventually left Albuquerque and for family reasons had to move to Florida. I had no job, one 2 year old and no car, etc. Needless to say, I needed a job! Walked into my dream job in Gainesville, Florida. Because I had worked in all those areas I was hired to immediately (during the interview) to be the Charge nurse on Peds on 3-11 shift. The hospital had a day care open until midnight so my 2 year old was in the day care with certified teachers on the first floor and I was 4 floors above him working. Oh life is interesting. When I look back now, it was all part of some kind of plan. Had to be because I would have never chosen all those jobs and even hated some of t hem but I kept on keeping on and it so paid off. Today I am a nurse and an attorney and I own my own business. Every step of my life has been interesting and if you had told me 41 years ago that these things would have occurred I would have laughed. Relax, as I said, and enjoy the ride!

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