Need Advice on LPN to BSN @ ISU


I am about to finish my LPN program and looking into doing the online LPN to BSN program through Indiana State University. I have completed most of the gen ed except for Micro and Chem and was wondering what anyone used to CLEP out of these classes. Also, I am not going to go through TCN as I have heard it is a waste of money, so just wanted to know where to get the modules from for the program and about how much they cost.

I have read that some people use the "Getting Straight A's in ...." books to test out of some of the classes and was wondering if that really works in leiu of buying the study guides.

Any information anyone can give me would greatly be appreciated.


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I have read that some people test out without using the study modules. And I have also read that the best source for used study modules is through the student communication network with the school. If you are going to go it alone, just get study resources that cover the topic being tested. For example if you are taking a test that covers peds nursing, then get a peds text, and review and/or test books on peds questions.