need advice from LD/OB nurses


Hello! I was hoping for some advice from nurses who are already in the area I hope to be. I am currently a CNA trying to get healthcare experience while going to school. I am in school right now for a childhood development degree. I then plan on going on to getting a nursing degree and becoming certified by ICEA as a childbirth educator. And Im thinking about voluntering in a pregnancy center. My dream career is working as a childbirth educator nurse, or working with pregnant moms to be and baby. I want to educate them. I would also love to work in the hospital as a LD nurse.

What are some ways that I can stand out on a resume to achieve this type of position? And is it common to see CNAs working in the LD unit? Thank you!

CNAs are rarely if ever seen in OB. RNs run the show there. Perhaps becoming an OB tech might be of interest to you

I have never heard of an OB tech but I will research it! Thank you!


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We have CNAs in the L&D I volunteer at. Not many (one per shift), but they do exist.

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My last job was a PPU and we had PCTs there and in the L&D. They ran their butts of most of the shift!! They don't do much with the pt though, transport and extra feet/hands for the nurses. They also act as the unit secretaries


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I think that a CNA in the L&D unit is dependant on location. Larger hospitals can utilize CNA's in L&D. I work in a small rural hospital and we do not have CNA's or ward clerks in our unit. There are two nurses staffed, typically one RN and one LVN and that is it for staff!

I am also a child birth educator and love it! Have you thought about going to class/training to become a Doula. When I initially became certified through Lamaze as a birthing educator, over half of my class was non-licensed individuals that were receiving training in order to be Doula's. Just a thought on! That would look good on your resume and give you experience. GOOD LUCK and keep your nose to the grind will get there!