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Need some advice as an immunocompromised nurse

by lachundra87 lachundra87 (New) New

Any advice would be much appreciated as I am a new nurse of only 6 months. I currently work on the oncology unit at my hospital. My manager knows that I am on immunosuppressants due to crohn's disease. We are now getting a influx of COVID-19 patients and they are starting to pull nurses to work that floor. I was recently told that if I get pulled I could be dismissed even though it would be a danger to my health to work the floor. Since I am new I am not too sure of what I can refuse and what I cant but they are making it seem like I have no choice despite the risk to my own health. I keep trying to find specific resources but nothing is absolutely clear. Is this right or is this more so just a suck it up situation?

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You may want to discuss this with your union rep (if your hospital is unionized) if management won't address this. Otherwise, it may be best to consult a lawyer for your legal options. You may want to keep on working on your oncology unit, while also putting in job applications to other oncology hospitals as a PRN/temp person to have a "foot in the door" as an exit strategy if things go south. But all in all, you ought to walk and not go to the COVID unit if you don't feel it's appropriate for your health. How are you supposed to care for patients when you are putting your own health in jeopardy?