Need advice, how to get on at Level 1 Trauma Center or into Flight Nursing?

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I'm currently starting my senior year of my BSN and graduate May 2013. I currently am working in a small rural hospital ER as a Tech and have for the past 3 years. My ultimate goal is to work as a flight nurse. From what I have read I need to get ER and ICU experience. I live in southern Oklahoma, but want to move to either Dallas or Houston area. What would be my best way to achieve my goal? I am currently a CPR instructor and will get my ACLS and PALS this spring. Would a trauma internship be the best way to go, and if so what hospital offers them? Is there any helicopter services that would hire a new grad? Thank you for your help.

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I believe Parkland in Dallas does a trauma ICU internship for new grads. Although there are a lot of issues with Parkland, and the future of the hospital is (arguably) on shaky ground, I've heard nothing but good things about the program.

I heard parkland has good new grad internship for ER/ICU. Really competitive but you have a strong working background. Definitely apply for parkland! Many ppl would only dream of working there.

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I'd check with your current employer they may offer ACLS ect just have to let them know your interested in it. :)

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