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I've been out of school for eight years and just got a job with a nursing home. Basically, I adopted my third child, brought them up, did some medical transcripion before finally getting my first real RN job. Third shift, but I'm very excited.

My goal is to get into dialysis, but not sure if what I have in mind is the way to go. I was thinking I'd get some experience with the nursing home and then in addition to that job take a part-time job at a dialysis center. Not sure why, but dialysis seems very interesting to me. I've never even known anyone who had a kidney problem!! Anyway, just wondering if you think this is reasonable or if I should take another approach.

Also, are there many part-time jobs? How much do dialysis RN's make full-time? Do you work many holidays? Are there any GOOD books I can read in the meantime to get some knowledge? Thanks for your help/thoughts!!


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You may also want to work some hours on a med/ surg floor to fine tune your acute skills. Also it is difficult to learn dialysis working part-time. I would not hire someone without dialysis experience to work part-time. Too difficult for the newbie to learn...working with the machine must become almost an instinct in order for the work not to get overwelming.

A good resource book for dialysis is

"Handbook of Dialysis" by Daugirdas & Ing

Best wishes!


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Yes, you can work Part Time in Hemodialysis. About half of the nurses in our unit work PT.

Not sure about the pay in a free-standing dialysis unit, but I work in a Hospital Dialysis Center and I make the same as other hospital Nurses.

Most units are only closed on the Major Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Most are open on Memorial, 4th of July, Labor Day.

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