Need advice on how to find a job (New Grad)


Live in the Charlotte, NC area.....where new grad jobs are few and far between? Any advice? I really want to work somewhere I won't forget my skills......Is is true if you go to nursing home that no one will want you later?

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Apply every and anywhere that will give you RN experience. Don't be picky.

In my area hospital management are telling new grads to go get a year of experience in the nursing homes and then come back to the acute care setting.


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The hospitals in my area offer a nurse intern (extern?) program over the summer for new grads. Start there, see if the hospitals in your area offer something like that.

Also in this area, it is preferred that you get one year med/surg experience under your belt, which will then open up numerous opportunities.

Good Luck!


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Don't be picky when it comes to your first job if there isn't much out there. Go behind HR and find out the managers name, send them your resume. I know that's how I got into a specialty area because HR didn't think I was qualified but the nurse manager wanted to train me. Find out about local job fairs. Do some volunteer work in the meantime, like flu clinic etc. You'll still learn things in a nursing home. You'll learn great leadership skills as well as some basic meds and assessments. It also gives you an opportunity to get some extra courses such as ACLS etc which may help down the road.


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I have applied at many places....including nursing homes......just discouraged is all....thanks for the advice!